About us


I was born near Merzouga in the south of Morocco. My family roots are to be found in a Berber family. I have been scheduling desert tours for tourists from all over the world since several years.
I myself guide tourists through the desert as I am able to speak several languages (Arabic, French, Spanish, English, and German) apart from my mother tongue.

our company  Wuesten Tour Marokko they arraneg Desert tours and  the camel trekking Morocco  is a wonderful opportunity to get to know and learn important facts about the desert. The camels carry the luggage and all necessary supplies so that you can either ride the camels or walk through the desert.
A never-ending vastness, the outstanding silence and the beautiful colors of the desert during different times of the day will be awesome. It seems to be an endless sky with the sparkling stars at night.
In the evening you will have a dinner with typical specialties of Morocco and the drums in the evening will let you never in your life forget about that unique feeling and impression you get during that night.
„You sit on a sand dune. You don´t see anything, you don´t hear anything. And during that time something sparkles in the silence.” (Antoine de St. Exupéry)